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Social Media: The Best Practices for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

A recent survey by The Drum suggested that Facebook alone influenced 52% of consumers' on and offline purchases, and that number is only growing. You've probably seen statistics like these in the past. You may have even made a New Year's Resolution or two to focus on social media for your business, right?

You can't afford to ignore the power of social media any longer.

Fortunately, this post was designed to help guide your interactions so you can start capturing those who see your posts online and turn them from "Followers" to customers.

Start By Setting Goals

You set goals for almost any type of marketing, and make no mistake, what you're doing on social media is very much a type of marketing. You want to define how you want your work on social media to help your business. These goals you create should be measurable so that you can make changes as needed. The problem many companies run into here is that they focus on likes and shares. Those aren't the kinds of goals you want to set. Instead, you want to create goals like gaining new customers, creating brand awareness, or even increasing engagement.

Consider the Platforms You Should Use

The goals you set naturally lead into this step. You have to decide which social media platforms work best for your companies. In addition to using your goals in this step, you also need to think about the target audience you've been marketing to all along. Not every platform has the same audience. LinkedIn, for example, should only be used for business to business marketing. It's growing quickly, but it was designed for content that is aimed at a professional audience. Pinterest is pretty photo oriented, so unless your posts are going to be very image-centric, this probably isn't the platform for you. If, on the other hand, you can showcase photos of your products in use that will be completely "Pin-able," it's the ideal choice.

Factor in Your Tone

What does your company sound like? A small attorney's office may be fairly corporate. A microbrewery, though, might be a bit more casual. You have to develop a voice that is representative of who you are as a brand. Naturally, that's going to be a bit representative of the demographic you reach out to on a regular basis. If your audience is stay-at-home parents, you're going to stay on the casual side. If you're looking to hook young business professionals, you may want a more formal tone. Sure, you want unique engagement, but you don't want it to change who you are as a brand.


You cannot take the social out of social media. If you have plenty of followers, you're going to have to stay engaged and interact. Chat with those in your community and learn more about how they are. It will not only help guide your future social media interactions, but it will also help guide your company so you can stay tuned in with your customers in the future. That may sometimes mean responding to negative feedback, but that is the nature of social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media means a direct connection to your audience, and it's something you can't ignore any longer. To learn more about the best practices to use while you're on social media and how we can help, contact us today.

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