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My business is to design and build excellent websites for clients and then train them to manage their content.


WordPress has been around for a long time. It is well known and well used in the blogosphere realm. However, in recent years, WordPress has expanded into web design through a (CMS) content management system and joined the ranks of other popular CMS's, such as Joomal and Drupal.

WordPress is by far the easiest and fastest to use for website design, especially for the most novice of web developers.

Why WordPress?

While there are advantages to each CMS, I prefer Wordpress for most of my clients' sites because it allows them to easily update or add content on their own.  This is a very important point to consider when hiring a web design firm to build your website. You want to be sure that you have the ability to easily manage your content once it is running.  If not, you will be paying high dollars as well as waiting weeks or months for someone else to do this. My business is to design and build excellent websites for clients and then train them to manage their content.

WordPress Design Services

Part of my web design expertise includes using various methods to provide links to a client's website through other sites.  A good contact management system, such as WordPress  should include features such as trackback methods and pinging services. Trackback or linkback methods allow web authors to obtain notifications when someone else links to their documents. These can provide valuable demographic  information in keeping track of who is linking to your documents or site.

WordPress Optimization

As you can see, there are many strategies to attract visitors to your site. When deciding on someone to design your website, make sure they have the much needed expertise in web design and online marketing strategies. You need more than just a web developer to fully utilize the power of the internet.  I have built my reputation on developing a mutually satisfying relationship with my clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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I’ve designed, optimized and/or managed more than 200 websites to date. I can save you thousands of dollars and countless wasted hours going down the wrong path with the wrong technology, or not hitting any of your marketing objectives.

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